The Committed Parent
Translating social neuroscience to help kids raise parents they can live with and are crazy about ~
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“A genuine treasure! When we shift our attention toward skillfully parenting, our
whole world changes. Learning to parent well is equal to learning to love well . This
creative handbook teaches us that there are tangible ways that we can deepen our
capacity for empathy and presence - transforming our relation-ships with children and
ourselves. Parenting has helped me to be a better spouse, friend and parent.
A Little
Book of Parenting Skills
is a rare gift!”

~ Ruth Cox, Ph.D.
Mother and Professor
Institute for Holistic Health Studies
San Francisco State University

“Besides prenatal care, the best way parents-to-be can spend the nine months
awaiting the birth of their child would be to learn this little book by heart.  Then
keep it close at hand for the next 18 years. The world would benefit greatly.”  

~ Kathleen Dowling Singh, Ph.D.
Mother, Grandmother and Author
The Grace in Dying

“We license people to drive. It's insane that we don't educate and license people
to parent.
A Little Book of Parenting Skills ought to be the Parent's Ed manual
designated to help reduce the 100 billion dollars we spend annually on this problem.”

                               ~ Peter Pearson, Ph.D.
Father and Co-founder
    The Couples Institute
A Little Book of Parenting Skills is a tremendous resource for parents, educators, and
students of human development. It offers a wealth of information in a compact
package, including a virtual directory to delve more deeply into the topics it covers.
The possibilities for who could find this book useful are almost endless – for new
parents and parents-to-be, and for adults from dysfunctional families looking to re-
parent themselves, this book will be an invaluable resource.”

                                     ~ Liz Zed, Ph.D.
Mother and Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Daytop Village
Redwood City, California

“This guide to parenting, based on recent research as well as time-tested wisdom,
gently encourages parents to improve parenting skills and strengthen heart
connections with their children.”

                       ~ Karen Rossie, Ph.D.
     Mother and Global Mentor Faculty
  Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

A Little Book of Parenting Skills makes the findings from many research disciplines
readily accessible. It’s  a beautiful guidebook for learning the art of mindful
parenting. I appreciate the way it encourages the development of core coping
strategies to help deal with the challenges of parenting at all stages.”

                       ~ Carole Press, LCSW
         Child and Family Social Worker

“A wise and practical guide to what Mark Brady rightly calls, the ‘most important job
on the planet.’  It’s especially refreshing to see the author urging parents to take
even his sensible advice with a grain of salt. As he says, ‘Don’t parent by the book,
parent by the child.’ Any parenting ‘expert’ wise enough to offer this advice, is worth
attending to closely.”

                          ~ Doug McAdam, Ph.D.
Father and Sociology Professor
Former Executive Director
Center for Advance Studies
in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford