The Committed Parent
Translating social neuroscience to help kids raise parents we can live with and are crazy about ~
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“As educators and parents, we found Dr. Mark Brady’s new ground-breaking book to be a
fascinating and wonderfully accessible collection of essays on child development,
neuroscience, and the wider issues of promoting emotional health and well-being. Dr. Brady
explores the crucial decisions we can all make related to nurturing a child’s developing brain
and body - often small decisions that can have remarkably lasting effects on both the
individual and society. Unlike many parenting guides, this isn’t repackaged conventional
wisdom. It’s a must-read for anyone concerned with fostering a healthy basis of empathy,
morality, social cognition, self-awareness, and listening skills. We are deeply inspired by Mark’
s work and suspect you will be too!”

Milton Chen, Ph.D., Executive Director
George Lucas Educational Foundation

Ruth Cox, Ph.D., Health Education Faculty
San Francisco State University

“When my son was an infant, I often found myself wishing he had come with an instruction
manual, one that might tell me how to adequately meet the miracle of his birth and rapidly
unfolding development with similarly inspired parenting. With
Safe and Secure, Mark Brady
has provided just such a work. This book takes the wondrous complexity of social
neuroscience research and grounds it in everyday practices designed to nourish loving,
attuned relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s a must-read.”

Sean Patrick Hatt, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Santa Clara University
Graduate School of Counseling Psychology

“Through Mark’s passion and enthusiasm, and his heartfelt and playful connection to his
subject matter, you cannot miss his intention to inform parents, educators and anyone else
who touches the lives of children, that the care and feeding of a child’s brain is the top priority
for the well-being of our species and our planet. He inspires great curiosity in me, such that I
take the time to sit and read about our human connections to our biological computer – our

Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D.
Facilitator, Transformational Coaching Training Program
Self-Empowerment 101

“Dr. Brady has an uncommon ability to help parents feel competent about their parenting. As a
result they raise children who actually end up
Safe and Secure. Mark’s  encyclopedic
knowledge of how our brains and hearts work to create healthy parent-child relationships is
inspiring. He has the extraordinary ability to distill confusing terms and concepts into layman’
s language so people everywhere can easily understand them, and more importantly, put
them to effective use. Safe and Secure is a book hospitals, midwives and birth centers would
be well-advised to hand out to every first-time mother.”

Dr. Jennifer Austin Leigh
author of
Girls, You Just Don’t Get It

“Mark Brady’s warm writing style touches on one of the most critical elements in
developmental psychology, never forgetting the potential adult in the child and the hidden
child in the parent. He weaves cutting-edge theories with down-to-earth advice that reveal
how seemingly small choices in raising children can make tremendous difference, fostering
healing, creative independence, and self-actualization."

Dorit Netzer, Ph.D., mother and psychotherapist
faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“Mark Brady has worked passionately to sift through the growing body of neuroscience
research to provide parents with information that is both engaging and inspiring. As a parent I
find his work extremely useful in helping me understand my children and myself.  This book
helps parents gain basic neuroscience literacy while expanding compassionate self-
acceptance in the demanding dance of parenting.”

Jeanne Denney M.A.
Mother of Four, Hospice Worker