Taking a
Whole Heart Home
What 20 years in the trenches has taught me
about applied love and kindness

An online educational Explorinar.
There's no set date for the final session. An Explorinar ends when it's over.
Participants meet for an hour at times convenient for them.
We explore practices and perspectives based upon
recent research findings from social, contemplative and cognitive neuroscience.
These explorations will forever change the way you think about your body,
your brain and your heart as it lives into finding its whole way home.

Mark Brady, Ph.D.
Cost for the sessions-Client-Determined using The Ministry Model
Some sessions can be recorded for later download,viewing and listening.
Check with your personal licensing authority for possible CEU qualification.
What you'll need in order to access and enjoy this hope-inspired offering:

            1. Streaming access to the Internet via computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.
            2. The understanding that we'll be exploring neurological research intended only
                to support and sustain living life as a creative, learning journey
            3. The ability to download recorded (.mwv) files and play them in Media Players
  • You want to know why heartbreak and betrayal hurt so much.
  • You'd like to learn to skillfully manage grief and loss with the
      brain in mind, but more importantly, with the heart made whole.
  • You're curious about the role the body might play in healing integration.
  • You suspect that the past is closely connected to your broken-hearted present.
  • You suspect that unaddressed grief and loss is adversely affecting
      your health and well-being.
  • You recognize that good help is hard to find for addressing this topic.
  • You know deep down that isolation is not ideal during times when trying to heal.
  • You are curious to know if depression may have some energy-saving benefits.
  • You understand that not all professionals have done their own healing work.
  • You recognize that many present-day fears and anxieties have
      grief, loss and broken-heartedness at their root.
  • You fully realize that what you can't be mindful of, you can't well manage.
What real people actually say about Mark's course offerings
(feel free to click on any name and contact them directly if you wish):

"Mark has a gift for translating complex neuroscience into language for the rest of us, and for
applying it to the daily challenges we (humans) often face in connecting deeply with ourselves and
others. His teaching is informed by both extensive knowledge and the wisdom of lived experience,
and he genuinely desires to see his students flourish in their relationships and lives through the
cultivation of healthy brain-mind-body practices."
~ Stephanie Ludwig, PhD
    Spiritual Services Director, Canyon Ranch
                                                   Tuscon, AZ

"I've just read your course offering and I think it is, I was going to say your best yet,
but maybe that isn't it. What I bet is it will prove to be your most popular course yet!!!
Because nine of of ten people not only need it, but based on your description,
they will KNOW they need it. Clear, precise, compelling."
                                                                    ~ Jasmine Lamb
                 Executive Director, Mansfield Hall
                                               Montpelier, VT

I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed "Taking a Whole Heart Home"
under your tutelage, guidance, and witty observations. Now, with all the multiple resources,
I have a whole plethora of ideas to follow up on and keep me curious creating new neuron
pathways as a side benefit! I can't thank you enough for that.
~ Josephine Aquan-Assee
                                  Retired School Teacher

"Boy, the quality of teaching sure goes up when you pay teachers by the class
rather than simply handing them tenure for longevity. The breadth and depth
Mark brings to these topics is not found anywhere else in my experience."
~ Peter Pearson, PhD
       International Couples Therapist Trainer

"Many things in this training led me to seeing that I truly have a choice now in how I live my life,
that I can move out of learned helplessness. Miracles have occurred since then, so, the course
was life-changing in a most profound, wonderful way. A thank you does not seem to suffice."
 ~ Connie Jones
                                        Clinical Psychologist  

"just wanted to say that i am really appreciating your class.
thank you for really helping getting this information out there.
i look forward to session six and all its darkness.
so good. so helpful.
i sit on my couch, furrowed brow, laughing out loud,
and lots of whoas!
the whole heart variability thing,
responding to whatever life throws at us
and literally, losing the strength in our hearts.
oh my heavens, so good, mark.
thank YOU for the amazing opportunity to attend such a series.
thank you for the ted talks and other videos too."
                                                                                    ~ tohnia alexander
                    mother and evolving wise woman
Bye, now.

Why should I bother dredging up the pain of the past?
Why is my broken heart so difficult to turn toward?
Can Somatic Marker Theory help restore Deep Innocence?
How does brokenheartedness answer "No" to The Big Brain Question?
The Golden Rule of Social Neuroscience: Important for addressing betrayal?
What does "muscle memory" have to do with a broken heart?
How might I transform a broken heart into Big Medicine?
Explorinar Topics
Anyone who isn't looking for easy solutions,but whose brain might be open
to learning and mastering how unconscious processes actually work.
Anyone who knowingly or secretly suspects a broken heart
might be having an adverse impact on their lives.
How to Know if this Explorinar Might be for You:
Which 3-4 people will benefit by registering for this Explorinar?:
"A heart made whole allows for great grief and for great hope."
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