Praise for The Wisdom of Listening ...

"The significance of The Wisdom of Listening is big…very big. With appealing modesty and great sensitivity, Mark
Brady offers the reader a wealth of practical tips for how to listen more attentively and effectively to others. If only a
fraction of this wise advice could be put into practice, the benefits – for listener and speaker alike – would be
                                                                                          ~ Doug McAdam, Ph.D.
                                                                                              former director, Center for Advanced
                                                                                              Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Dynamics of Contention

"A wonderful support for an important practice."
                                                                                           ~ Sharon Salzberg, author
                                                                                               Faith and Lovingkindness

"A fascinating book. This is provocative reading."                 
                                                                                           ~ International Listening Association
The Wisdom of Listening

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